As practice of design in the 21st century moves from object and surface design to interaction and experience design, the rich tradition of Asian design assumes a new relevance. The Asian Way of design is a treasure trove capable of revitalizing modern design and giving it a much needed depth. From expressing the essence of an idea to creating multiple meanings simultaneously; from giving visible form to the most profound concepts, to creating successful mind-to-mind communication; from symbolic gestures and rituals to creation of imaginary worlds visualized in full detail; the methods and procedures of the Asian Way create experiences with great energy, richness and refinement. The appeal of Asian design comes from these.

Exhibition 28 November 8th December 2007

The most outstanding examples of selected works from the great masters of design in Asia today. Being exhibited for the first time in Singapore. Illuminating. Enlightening. Inspiring.

Seminar 30th November 2007

The methods and the way to create design experiences with great energy, richness and refinement, explained by the masters themeselves. A must attend Seminar for the creative community explaining the way forward to a more meaningful and substantial practice of design.